Construction Party!

We had a wonderful time celebrating our two and four year olds! Hal, the four year old, has been planning a construction party since the day after his firetruck party last year, so we had plenty of time to plan!

Their SuSu, Susan Clanton, watercolored the dump truck and construction cones which we also made into an embroidery file (shown here on a Lila + Hayes shirt and stitched out by Dear Emmaline Custom Embroidery.)

It was an early morning party outside where we served pancake dippers and sausage. (Pancake dippers is my own term! Did you know you can bake pancake batter in a pan?? Works like a charm! No flipping necessary! You then cut them into rectangles. I like to serve them in a small cup with syrup on the bottom so we take them outside for breakfast.) I served easy fruit—whole bananas and oranges. They kept with the color theme and I stacked the oranges in the back of our toy dump truck on the table. Not my own idea—thank you Pinterest! And, of course, we had cake! This is my favorite white cake recipe I've found from Add a Pinch. I made it in the shape of a dump truck because I knew the boys would love it so. No picture here—trust me when I say it was very homemade looking! There are also lots of tutorials on Pinterest showing how to make a dump truck cake. It's not hard! I'm also into making my own cold brew using the Toddy. So, there was iced coffee for the adults which was a nice alternative for a hot, summer morning.

For our little workers we had a construction table where they built, sanded, and painted these tool boxes. The table was made out of a piece of MDF board we had cut at Lowe's which we knew we would throw away at the end of the party. We happened to have an extra set of hairpin legs which makes a quick, easy table but if we had sawhorses we could have gone that route too. We also filled a large bucket with sand so the kids could go to work digging. And we brought out all of our toy trucks and tools which is quite a collection with two boys!

And now our babies are two and four! It was such a fun and memorable morning with family and friends! You can shop the entire dump truck collection here.