Our Interior's Collection

I've been so excited to release this new collection of stationery! This is blending my love of paper and interiors and I had so much fun putting it together! Each are inspired by vintage drawings, including several Nineteenth century images from a popular Parisian periodical that educated the masses on furniture and interior design, both in France and worldwide. With access to detailed images like these, craftsmen could create their own reproductions, eventually allowing those who were not part of the aristocracy to own beautiful furniture of their own. 

Look closely at the samples and you'll see some historic names known for their own contributions in educating the masses on fashion. For example, Rosalie Selfridge was married to Harry Selfridge, the man responsible for bringing Selfridges to London, a department store that for the first time encouraged any shopper to browse, whether an aristocratic buyer or not.

I hope you love these fine furnishings as much as I do and enjoy our new stationery! Shop the collection here!

xo, Anna Kate